Each issue our fantastic team of core members, contributors and artists grows.

We thought we’d let you find out a bit more about the people who put Irregular together in their spare time.

Editor / Proof reader: Nicholas Johnson

Nick is an experienced gamer who is often found on a Monday night battling it out with his local RPG group. He’s the man who also checks each and every article when it’s submitted, tidies it up and curses the lack of punctuation. He has also written some great RPG articles for the magazine!

Nick is currently painting a Warmachine army, a Space Wolves Army and has numerous other projects on the go. His signature base involves slate!

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Editor / Layout: Jason Hubbard

Jason is another long time gamer who’s dabbled in the industry over the years, starting as a demonstrator for TSR and now writing for Solway’s A Very British Civil War books. He’s the man who gets the articles laid out in and looking sharp and written a number of historical based articles for the magazine.

Jason is currently painting numerous warbands and armies including fantasy, sci-fi and historical.

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Proof reader: Mamie Shafi

Mamie has joined the team as a proof reader, and we’re very pleased to have her eagle eyes on the case!

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