Each issue our fantastic team of core members, contributors and artists grows.

We thought we’d let you find out a bit more about the people who put Irregular together in their spare time.

Editor / Layout: Jason Hubbard

Jason is long time gamer who’s dabbled in the industry over the years, starting as a demonstrator for TSR and now writing for Solway’s A Very British Civil War books. He’s the man who gets the articles laid out in and looking sharp and written a number of historical based articles for the magazine.

Jason is currently painting numerous warbands and armies including fantasy, sci-fi and historical. He’s also dabbling with 1/72 Napoleoics!

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Writer / Hobbiest: Alex Garbett

Alex has been gaming, painting and collecting for over 20 years and worked for a major company in the gaming industry

Currently his passions are Boardgames and spaceship Wargames as well, of course, writing for Irregular Magazine!

Webmaster / Writer : Dave Barker

Dave is another long time gamer who describes himself as a wargaming butterly and the proud owner of a lead mountain range.

Dave is currently painting his way through several Bolt Action armies, whilst dabbling in Konflikt 47, Gates of Antares, Frostgrave, Age of Sigmar, Bloodbowl, Guildball, Black Powder and Hail Ceaser. He’s also an Admin at the 2d6 Lodge wargaming club in Cambridge and co-organiser of A ‘Cam’Bridge Too Far – the world’s largest Bolt Action tournament to date!

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