Each issue we rely on contributors to produce the diverse range of quality articles you get to read.

Below are some of our regular writers…

Dave Barker (UK)

Dave has been writing for Irregular since issue 1, producing NPCs for Traveller, Pathfinder as well as ecologies and characters for Dungeons & Dragons. His broad knowledge of games is only exceeded by the size of his miniature figure collection. A big fan of Hasslefree miniatures, he’s even had one of his minis cast by them!

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Taylor Holloway (Canada)

Taylor was the brains behind our Zombie Apocalypse supplement in issue 3. He put together a crack team of illustrators and designers to produce a fantastic addition to any gamers arsenal of rules. Since then he’s written short stories for issue 5 and 6 and we expect there will be more content from Taylor in the future.

Peter Allison (UK)

Peter has written two interviews for our us, with Gav Thorpe in issue 5 and Nick Kyme in issue 6. His laid back journalistic style includes buying his subject a pint or two.

David Heathfield (UK)

David has been providing us with detailed tutorials for a while now. He makes sure to not skip ahead over important details and takes great close ups for his step by steps. As a full time painter you can be sure he knows what he’s talking about.

We’ve featured tutorials from a range of talented people over the past year, which have covered scenery building, miniature basing, army and advanced painting techniques.

Each issue we try to bring you interviews with people you know, and people you wish you’d known about before. Some big names have graced the pages of Irregular, sharing their secrets and love for this hobby.

Our review section is growing fast, and we’ve been delighted to get some new reviewers on board recently, as well as featuring products from a diverse range of companies. If you’d like Irregular to review one of your products – get in touch with the team now.

We also try to bring you some new fiction writers as well, and each issue include a short story, sometimes even two!