Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is our very own comic that started in issue 3. It’s the brainchild of comic creator Will Kirkby and features two dodgy dealers riding around on their Tuk Tuk. Issue 5 sees a special 4 page version of the comic for our first anniversary issue.

Will Kirkby (UK)

Tuk Tuk is set in a fictitious version of the British colonization of the Indies, mixed with a steampunk disregard for technology appropriate for the era. Mixed with my sketchy recollections of the original dungeon and dragons rules it means gold=XP, which to my mind means a culture where the real fantasy heroes aren’t warrior or drug taking barbarians or aged mages crackling with the power of the ages, but merchants who are out to make a fast buck. This of course led to me day dreaming about Only Fools and Horses in a fantasy setting…

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