Issue 26 Volume 2 / Spring 2024

Get ready for another fantastic edition of Irregular Magazine! This issue is bursting with the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, nostalgia, and so much more!

Starting with our regular editorial, our ever popular Editor’s Challenge, and fantastic news round-up, we dive into yet another treasure trove gaming content!

Our steadfast collection of book reviews returns, covering a wide array of topics across various periods. Starting at the turn of the 20th century, we look at the Siege of Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese war; then travel back through to the 19th century with insights into the War of 1812. Following this we jump back to the Medieval period, looking at a selection of Osprey titles ranging from armies at Agincort and more gneral medieval European armies, as well as a look at medieval seige weapons, and then move to the end of the period with a look at the Conquistador; before moving further back in time and looking at the origins and use of Roman Mail and Scale armour.

Keeping close to book reviews, we reflect back on Donald Featherstone and some of the great innovations and books that his legacy leaves with us.

We journey back to the High Middle Ages with an overview of the events of 1066, which can form a fantastic basis for settings of many of our games, and follow this up with further gaming inspiration considering the long Medieval history of conflict between England and Scotland, and then a further piece looking at why the 14th century was one of the worst centuries in history, and therefore one of the best backdrops for conflict which inspires our gaming! We wrap this time period with an summary overview of the major conflicts fo the Medieval Britton, followed finally (and rather differently!) by how 80s B Movies can be a fantastic a source of tabletop wargame inspirations, and we look at this, too!

Wargaming enthusiasts will also love our content, with a an unofficial guide to using the popular SPQR rules in the Age of Arthur, and a review of the rather populat Dux Belorum rules from Osprey for playing our wargames in the Arthurian period, as well as the Lion Rampant rules, also from Osprey, which can also take players in the turbulent world of European feudal warfare!

If some of this has inspired you to paint some Anglo-Saxon miniatures, our review of Wiglad miniatures might be exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s time to dive in and enjoy all this incredible content—download your copy now!