Interior artists

We are always delighted with the quality of our internal artwork – and we hope you are too.

Below are some of our regular artists and illustrators…

David Sonderquist (USA)

David has produced artwork for every issue of Irregular over the past year covering a wide variety of subjects. He’s always wanted to be an illustrator and enjoys working in 3D as well as 2D and has always been drawn to fantasy, sci-fi and ancient history.

Visit David’s miniature company, Bronze Age Miniatures

Mikolaj Ostapiuk (Poland)

Mikolaj has also had artwork in every issue since Irregular started.

Visit Mikolaj’s portfolio site.

Matthew Mella (UK)

Matthew was our cover artist for Issue 1 and featured in our artist showcase in issue 2. He’s since gone on to produce interior art for more issues and also takes responsibility for laying up the cover for every magazine. He’s the man behind the Elf Pinup in issue 5. Irregular wouldn’t be the same without him.

Visit Matthew’s portfolio site.

Ricardo Guimaraes (Brazil)

Ricarod was our cover artist for Issue 3 and featured in our artist showcase in issue 4. He’s an exciting artist to work with and is a great supporter of Irregular. You can see more of his work in issue 6, as well as the fabulous Scifi Pinup in issue 7.

Visit Ricardo’s portfolio site.