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Once again we have yet another fantastic edition of Irregular Magazine, which is one more packed with the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, nostalgia and much, much more!

After our regular editorial andever popular news round-up, we have a lot of winter-themed content this time!

Our steadfast collection of book reviews returns in this issue, with a look at another wide variety of topics across many periods, from the early middle ages, with a look at Anglo Saxon Kings & Warlords, as well the events on the British Isles at the turn of the first millenium; through the Nineteenth Century with a look at the Ottoman Armies of this period and a contract of soldiers on either side of the Texas Revolution in the 1830s; and onto WW2 with a look at Allied Tanks at El Alamein, the Reconquest of Burma, Operation Pedestal – The Battle for Malta’s Lifeline, and a comparison of the Japanese Infantryman with the US Marine Rifleman in the Pacific theatre; and finally for this bumper book review, a look at vehicles in the modern Afghan conflicts.

Sticking fairly close to book reviews, we have a look at the DragonBane role playing game, which is a classic fantasy tabletop game which focusses on a playability with a classic feel.

Other RPGs and skirmish wargames are not left out either, with a whole selection of Winter and Xmas-themed scenarios and games ideas for 40K, Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Frostgrave, Lion Rampant, Gangs of Rome, and a overview of generic winter RPG scenario ideas!

And we don’t stop there for RPGs, especially for your BECMI D&D gamers, with a look at the race of the Deep Gnomes as well as stats for a number of magical weapons!

Finally, there is more content for wargames, with a review of how to build a Chinese Army for Bolt action, a look at Historical Christmas Battles, a look at Naval Winter Battles for Wargaming, a look at the Three Kingdoms Period in Korea and an overview of how the Romans approached winter warface

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We’re back again with another awesome edition of Irregular Magazine, which is one more packed with the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, nostalgia and much, much more!

After the editorial, we kick off this issue with our ever popular news round-up, followed by a look at the lates 5E version of the Lord of the Rings roleplaying game.

Our ever-popular book reviews continue in this issue with more than a dozen titles under scrutiny. Ranging from ancient Rome and her enemies, through medieval and american civial war periods and into the 20th century. We’ve loved all of thes ebooks and it is well work catching up on these reviews!

We also look at some keys games available on the market at the moment. Majestic 13, Space Station Zero, World of Tanks and Warhammer 40,000.

Majestic 13 is a fascinating look at tabletop storytelling in a world of exteraterrestial intreague, with an interesting card-based mechanic and a wonderful level of immersion and replayability.

Space Station Zero is a cooperative strategy game with enough depth to engage as players explore, engage and are rewarded as they work together to succeed on their journey into deep space.

World of Tanks is a well known and popular online multiplayer game, which has now made it to the tabletop in miniature form. In this issue we look at the starter set offering of this new expression of World of Tanks, along with how it plays out.

Love it or hate it, there are few players of any kind of game out there who haven’t heard of Games Workshop’s market dominitating game, Warhammer 40,000. Since GW have recently released a new 10th edition of this legendary science-fiction wargame with the Leviathan boxed set, we have a look at this game once more, for those of you out there that are curious about the behemoth of a game, but have always been nervous to approach it.

As well as wargames, we have three hsort items for players of BECMI D&D, which can be easily ported to other games. We have a look at the monster, Shadow Drake; at using Black Power Weapons; and finally we introduce a Samurai player class.

Our editor has also provided us with an interesting potted history of Vikings in Ireland, as well as a review of what the different strategic scales are and how they can be interesting for us.

Finally, our main feature in this issue is “Can AI write a wargame?”. Our editor has looked into this fascinating and topical issue, and just under half this magazine is given over to the output of his experimentation in this area … “Shanghai 2050: Man’s Last Hope!”

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It is our pleasure to once again serve up to you, or long standing as well as our new readers, another edition of Irregular Magazine, which is one more packed with the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, nostalgia and much, much more!

Following our usual pattern, after the latest news round-up, our much loved editor gives us a status update on how his is conquering his grey hoard of unfinished miniatures, which is always heartening for those of us in a similar position!

Our ever-popular book reviews are also back in force once more in this issue, with two of the excellent titles from Osprey’s Combat Series: Hunnic Warrior vs Roman Cavalry and US Soldier vs Chinese Soldier and continue further with reviews of books looking the Battle of Tannenberg in the First World War, and just about one hundred years earlier the Battle of Berezina in the Napoleonic Wars. Finally for our book reviews we wrap up with The Last Viking, as look at the life of King Harold Hardrada and a look at post-Roman kingdoms in Britain and Gaul.

As always, Irregular Magazine isn’t just about the popular book reviews, but we also have a look at two recent wargames release – Flames of War: Clash of Steel enables players new to the Flames of War 15mm size wargame, to start with German and Soviet forces in the Battle for Berlin; and 02 Hundred Hours is a small-unit elite skirmish scenario game for 28mm sized miniatures! If your gaming doesn’t tend to the wargaming so much at the moment and you’re interested in getting started, we also have an article about how to go about getting started in this kind of engaging tabletop activity!

Nostalgia is also always a favourite topic, and we have two Blasts from the Past in this issue. The first looks at the BattleMasters mass-battle wargame from Milton Bradley, and the second looks at classic D&D (BECMI D&D), variant of which is a game that many of us cut our gaming teeth on!

Sticking with the RPG these, we also have a review of much newer RPG, the new Blade Runner role playing game, which is a very thematic and interesting take on near future, cyberpunk noir gaming!

Our editor has also drawn out two elements of history that are great starters to encourage us to investigate more, or to use as the basis for some of our gaming – the tale of 3000 missing Chinese Soldiers in WW2, and also a look at the history around the Battle of Marston Moor in the English Civil War.

And last, but by no means least, we have an article in our series that looks at how modern information technology tools, looking this time we have a look at Adobe Express and how we can make great use of it to enhance our gaming experiences!

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It is that time again, when we are excited to reach out our warm greetings to readers old and new in the currrently cold, cold weather – at least here in the UK!

Once more we are delighted to present a further full magazine containing the latest news, game releases, book reviews, gaming content, miniatures and much, much more!

As with many of our issues, after our look at the latest news, our beloved editor starts with a look at his own sysiphean battle against his own grey hoard, and the great progress that has been made!

Historical Gaming is a common subject of the content in our magazine, and a lot of people are unsure how and where to get started. For those that are looking to start taking up historical wargaming, or those thinking to try a new period, we have an excellent review of some of the more popular options, how they compare, and what kind of starter sets might be available!

Our ever-popular book reviews are also back once more in this issue, and starting with the historical titles, we have a particular focus on WW2, looking across a number of different fronts, from the Japanese Conquest of Burma, to the Battle of Stalingrad. We look at books reviewing the equipment used in WW2, with both the arms and armour used by the forces of Hungary and at the tanks that were put to use in the Battle for Germany; and finally at the operations of some notable units with actions of the US Ranges at Pointe-du-hoc on D-Day and also at the allied Z Special Unit, who operated in the Pacific theatre in the latter half of WW2!

Moving away from historical wargaming, we also have a look at some of the other ways of wargaming available to our readers. We have a review of Wargames Atlantic’s new release – Cannon Fodder 2 box set of generic warriors; and on the rules front, our editor takes a look at the available rules from One Page Rules, which are not only free, but easy to pick up and increasingly popular amongst gamers! We look at John Lambshead excellent new title Sci-Fi Skirmish Scenarios, which not only brings us some generic scenarios to bring into our games, but offers guidance on designing our own scenarios and linking them into campaigns. Finally for wargaming rules, we look at Song of Shadows and Dust, which is a skirmish wargame set in the first century BC, based on the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes rules engine – very well worth a look!

Finally for books, we also have a review of Ruins of the Lost Realms , which is the first expansion for the second edition of The One Ring RPG, and is packed with loads of fantastic material for players of this excellent RPG.

But we’re not always all about sitting around a tabletop, and there is a review in this issue of some of the latest tech-enhanced physical games that you can pick up and play with friends and family!

And last, but not Zines, Zines and more Zines is a review of those free webzines that you can access and download. At Irregular Magazine we see these publications as friends and colleagues, whether we know the publishers or not, and we’d love our readers to pick up and enjoy some of these titles, at least as much as we’d love Irregular Magazine itself!

So, this is once more, another content-packed issue!

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It is once again awesome to greet our much loved readers, both new and old, to our Autumn edition of Irregular Magazine for 2022!

We have yet again another full magazine containing the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, tutorials and much, much more!

We have another collection of our much loved book reviews, this time ranging from the Chinese Civil War, through the first Sino-Japanese War, the Jacobite Rebellion, the English Civil War and all the way back to ancient Rome. In addition, there is a look at the Vikings and the Franks, as well as a review of two absolutely fantastic books by Henry Hyde – Wargaming Essentials & Wargaming Campaigns, both of which are pretty much a must have for any wargamers shelf!

Our editor once again brings us some information about a particular background we could set some of our games in. This time it is the Qing Dynasty, which spans the period between 1800 and 1911, and some of the key highlights of this period are outlined, as a springboard for further investigation!

There is a look at three of the latest exciting game releases – Void 2.0, which is a relauch of a game that holds great memories for your webmaster and at one time was a real competitor for some of the biggest plaers in the sci-fi wargame market! Maximillian 1934 could be considered as an Interwar Gaslands, but do check out our review, to bet a much better understanding of this great and promising game! And finally, we have a review of Irregular Wars, which enables player to game some of the conflicts on the fringe of the European world in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries!

We look at a new miniatures release, in the form of the latest plastics from Wargames Atlantic, the Chinese Boxers miniatures, as well as the pre-painted WW2 terrain from Micro Art Studios.

Finally, our editor has a look at the Army Painter Character Paint Set, and provides us with a tutorial on painting die-cast cars as part of his own Maximillian 1934 journey!

So, this is once more, another content-packed issue!

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Welcome both irregular fans and beloved readers, to our Summer edition of Irregular Magazine for 2022!

Once more we have another packed magazine filled with what you’ve told us your love. We have great book reviews that look at several different aspects of both World Wars, at cold war tanks, and at ninjas as well as wider war in Japan. We have a review of another book that looks at the extend of organised crime in the British Empire and a look at the Roman war for Britainna, and a comparison of how the British Celtic warrior and the Roman soldier compare to each other.

We also take a look at Fantastic Battles, a mass battle wargaming system that lends itself to multiple genres, as well as the starter set for the critically acclaimed Bushido game. But it is not just wargames, we also have a review of the new Death in Space RPG about playing out uncertain journeys out into the darkess of space!

Our much-put-upon editor shared with his latest updates against his own neverending painting pile, as well as providing us with an overview of the Warring States of China more than 2000 years ago as a potential gaming period. We also have a mini-biography of Two Gun Cohen, who was famous in the early 20th century and our editor also shares a tutorial about how he has made cheap hills for his wargames.

We look at the Battle of Britain the People’s Project, which is looking for contibutes of family stories about participation in the Battle of Britain.

We have a great set of reviews of minatures this month as well, as we look at the Necromunda Hive Scum from Games Workshop, 20mm Ch’in Dynasty Army fom Caeser Miniatures, Pendraken’s 10-12mm Fantasy minutures range and finally we look at th 28mm Conquistadors recently released by Wargames Atlantic.

We have review of the benefits of playing our wargams at smaller scales and finally we have a Blast from the Past when we look at the Chainmail Mass Battle Game rules by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren, from the 1970s that came out of the same stable as D&D!

This is another great jam-packed issue!

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Welcome once again beloved readers, for our Spring edition of Irregular Magazine for 2022!

As many regular readers will have come to expect, this issue begins with a dive into the latest gaming News and Irregular Magazine’s long-suffering Editor takes an introspective look at how much he has achieved in the short time since we published our last issue!

We once again have a good selection of book reviews covering the wide range of historical interests we know our readers love, with titles this time looking at the WW2 period conflict between Finland and Russia, as well as the campaign of Ancient Rome against Greece and Dutch Resistance against the German army. There are also books on Stalin’s war against Japan, and a Battle-by-Battle book of the US Civil war.

Our Editor gives us an overview of the invasions, to give us some ideas we can use in our campaigns. We also have a good number of reviews of other games, and game books. Starting with the gamebooks, we look at the skirmish game set in the Crusades Outremer; Faith & Blood, as well as two board games by Gale Force 9 based on the film Dune. In this issue we take a look at several RPGs, that includes The One Ring, Twilight 2000 and the expansion book for Vaesen; A Wicked Secret. Loke Battle Mats have released another great set of map books which we dive into for a look.

Courage in Combat are a range of modern military miniatures which we also investigate. We also go back to the late 80’s in our Blast from the Past article where we fondly look back at one of the greatest board games ever created; Heroquest. We have also included an interview with the Author Andy Remic who sadly passed away recently.

The editor also investigates the print on demand service by DriveThruRPG website. He purchases some old D&D books and the rules books for TSR’s sci-fi RPG Space Frontiers, and reviews if the print on demand service is worth buying.

This is another jam-packed issue rammed with great hobby articles.

So it’s time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

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Welcome once again beloved readers, for our Winter edition of Irregular Magazine for 2021!

As many regular readers will have come to expect, this issue begins with a dive into the latest gaming News and Irregular Magazine’s long-suffering Editor takes an introspective look at how much he has achieved in the short time since we published our last issue!

We once again have a great selection of book reviews covering the wide range of historical interests we know our readers love, with titles this time looking at the Chinese wars of the early 20th Century, Ancient Warfare, WW2 in Africa, and British Colonial warfare in Africa. We also look into books covering the early British Army, a history of US Artillery, making WW1 western front terrain, as well as a review of an interesting book looking at the long history of Britain’s Toy Soliders. Finally, we have also reviewed Bernard Cornwell’s latest Sharpe novel, Sharpe’s Assassin.

Our Editor gives us an overview of the Boxer Rebellion, as a period that some of us may not have considered in which we can set our tabletop wargames. But we also have a good number of reviews of other games, and game books. Starting with the gamebooks, we look at the currently very popular Silver Bayonet, as well as Kobolds and Cobblestones and Fistful of Kung Fu all from Osprey. We have an interesting review of the Vaesen, an RPG game for fans of nordic myths and folklore, as well as the WW1 skirmish game Blood and Valor. We also look at a couple of great family games, with the VektoRace punch-out tabletop racing game, as well as the fast and fun Red Panda press-your-luck cardgame.

We also take our irregular look back at the past with two articles. In the first Jason attempts to answer the proposition Why the 1980s was a great decade to grow up as a kid, and in the second, he looks back and reminisces about the classic Warhammer Historical Title The High Seas, a tabletop miniature game set in the Golden Age of Piracy!

Then we have a look at one of the latest Warhammer services – Warhammer+, with an opinion piece about whether this service would offer value for money for you, and if it is the future for how we consume such content.

We have minuature reviews this month of the Wargames Atlantic plastic box sets of plastic skeletons and plastic goblins, as well as a terrain tutorial describing an effective way to make your own hills for your tabletop!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

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Welcome back dear readers as we publish our Autumn edition of Irregular Manazine for 2021!

We start in this issue with our customary dive into the News that has been happening in our great gaming hobby, and our beloved Editor takes an introspective look at how many projects he has on the go, and why, in the course of his ongoing battle with the Grey Horde.

As ever, we have a great selection of book reviews, starting with ancient history, with a look at the Spartans in The Bronze Lie and the Romans in Military History of Late Rome, Roman Conquest of Britain, Roman Conquests: Mesopotamia and Rome and Parthia: Empire at War. We also have a look at an intreguing title from Pen & Sword, Thracian & Dacian Armies, which take a look at two of Rome’s lesser known adversaries.

We also have reviews of two books looking at key historical figures, starting with The Last Viking from Osprey Publishing, a narrative tale of King Harald Hardrada, as well as a review Egypt 1801 from Frontline Books, which tells the tale of the end of Napolean’s Eastern Empire

As ever, there are many great WW2 titles available for wargamers interested in this period and we look at threeof these, The Reckoning, which looks at the defeat of the Russian Army Group South in 1944, US and Germans at Bastogne which gives us firsthand accounts of commanders from this famous battle, and Desert Raids of the SAS, which specifically looks at the expereinces of Major Tony Hough in WW2.

Finally for the book reviews, we examine two more titles – Valley of Death, an account of the LIght Cavalry at Balaclava and Towers of Strength, which looks at the fascinating role that Martello Towers have been put to use for, across the world.

But it is not all book reviews, we also have a look a the Trent Miniatures Napoleonic Range of figures, which are manufactured by Skytrex, as well as reviewing the new plastic British Riflemen for the Napoleonic period from Wargames Atlantic

Allied to these minature reviews, our Editor has also had a look into the different rules sets that can be used to wage smaller scale or skirmish battles in the Napoleonic period on our tabletops, and has also had a dive into looking at the roles played by skirmishers in these wars.

In addition to all this, we also look at some new games that are out there, including the new card game Mobsitters, we look at the fantasy RPG Sumbaroum, there is an overview of the much anticipated zombie-focussed expanstion to Stargrave – Quarentine 37, and finally we have a dive into what some of the alternatives are to gaming that doesn’t involve Games Workshop games, if that is something you’re looking to do!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

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Once again we welcome the hot, hot summer in the UK with another hot, hot issue of Irregular Magazine! Issue 16, Volume 2021 for Summer 2021!

As usual, we begin with looking at the latest News in our gaming hobby, we have a further update on our editors progress in his ongoing battle against his Grey Horde and we have a look at some of the latest exciting new that has been coming out of that big best of the our hobby, Games Workshop, over the last couple of months!

We have an intriguing review of the the new skirmish which supports the use of whatever miniatures you have to hand to create your warbands, and has not only a campaign system, but also a number of solo missions, giving it a great flexability as well. This is surely the narrative skirmish game that many of us have been looking for! In additionl, we also have a short story, Balm Monster, that is set in the world – or perhaps I should say Realm – of Brutality.

Our beloved editor also take a nostalic look back at Songs of Blades and Heroes, a much older fantasy skirmish game with a campaign system and an impressive number of suppliments that gives you the ability to creat the fantasy warband you want to have, in this fast and engaging skirmish game. Your webmaster has definately enjoyed many fun games of this classic with our editor and others in the past, too!

We continue our consideration of wider trends in gaming with a look at the new cutting-edge esports studio, Wanyoo, to be found at the Westfield Stratford shopping centre in East London. And for those of our readers who prefer something more tradition in wargaming, our editor has a look at the so-called Banana Wars, the US Interventions in Latin America, which you might want to use as the basis or jump-off for creating your our campaigns or gaming. With the increasing options we all have today of how we view our preferred television content, our editor has takenanother dive into some of the Global TV shows we might want to watch, which could inspire our gaming!

Of course, miniatures in gaming are also of great interest to many of us and we have a write-up of we can go about approaching the painting of some of the modern miniatures in our grey hordes or lead mountains.

Also, as many of you have already come to expect and enjoy, we have a good number of book reviews from of the best publishers for games, including Osprey, Pen and Sword and Frontline Books.

The titles are wide ranging, covering topics in the far east, with a look at the Tang Dynasty and the Samurai merceneries of the 17th century; 20th century topics including the 1972 Easter Offensive in Vietnam, an overview of the range of 20th Century conflicts in the Balkans, a dive into the details of the T62 Tank, a look at the Tank Craft series of books from Pen and Sword, as well as Andy Singleton’s excellent guide to Painting Axis figures for the WW2 Eastern Front. We look at a number of different books that range around the forces of the Napoleonic wars, and for our readers who preference tends towards ancients warfare, we look at titles look at Late Roman Military History, the Macedonian Phalanx and a look at Roman Britain’s Missing Legion – an endlessly fascinating subject!

Finally, we have a look at the tale of the small doll which is the current surprise exhibit in the WW2 exhibition at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

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Welcome once more to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 15, Volume 2 for Spring 2021!

We begin with looking a the latest News in our gaming hobby, including news about new Critical Role figures from WizKids so you too can play more in Exandria!

This is followed by an update from our Editor on how he has been doing in his ongoing campaign about his personal grey hoard.

We have a review of the board game Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps! which is a real draw to many of us gamers who are fans of the Alien movies, as well as RPG reviews of the exciting Talisman RPG and the Achtung Cthulhu setting for Call of Cthulhu, as well as a review of the Towns and Taverns book of battle mats.

We look forward to the hotly anticipated Stargrave, the miniatures agnostic sci-fi followup to the very popular Forstgrave from Joe McCullough, and will be published by Osprey in April; and we also look back at Blast from the Past in the form of the old, but hugely popular Games Workshop game, Mordheim.

Many of us are interested in miniatures, so we have a few interesting articles for us all this time – we have an Alien painting tutorial, that sits nicely alongside our boardgame review of Aliens; but we also look at the fantasy range of Celtos miniatures and the sci-fi range of Hammer’s Slammers minutures, both of which are available from Brigade Models. And to complement all of this, our Editor has a look at the Back to Basics of miniature painting, for those of us who need a refresh!

Finally on the miniatures front, we have a good look at a new and often asked question at the moment: Are 3D printed miniatures any good?

Following up on previous issues, we have a look at eSports once again. This time in the form of mobile eSports. Can we now play online games at a high level using the powerful computers that many of us now carry around in our pockets?

We also have and interesting review of the early 20th Century US plan to attack the British Empire, should it have proven to have been necessary. This article definately provides some interesting alternative history options for our 20th Century gaming.

This issue is also packed full of book reviews once more, with no less than fourteen book reviews. Stretching from Ancient times to 20th century warfare, if you’re looking for a recommendation of something new to read, we’ve probably got you covered!

Being something of a fan of the Orient, and being a Sinophile in particular, our Editor brings us another great revierw of asian TV shows to watch online, that we might otherwise have missed out on.

Finally, although we may tease him a little, we have a lot to be grateful to our Editor for, not least the service he gave for his country, which includes his participation in the 1st Gulf War. This was now 30 years ago, and he has a look back at this conflict, including a personal perspective and a couple of period photos of him in situ.

Of course, many of the games we are talking about still need friends to play with, and although the world now has more hope than ever, many of us remain unable to meet up with friends to play games. Please stay safe everyone, until the times come when we can all play together again!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

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It is that time once more to welcome you to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 14, Volume 2 for Autumn 2020!

As always, we begin with look at the latest News in this gaming hobby of ours – including a look at the surprise purchase of OTT (On Table Top), following my the next instalment of our editor’s ongoing saga of the battle against his grey hoard, as well as a look at what figures have been billeted recently in his paint station garrison!

For those of you, our readers, who have been in touch thanking us for our book reviews, we’ve got a bit of a special edition just for you with reviews of new fewer than 22 books across a very wide range of subjects, from Welsh Castles and WW2 fighting vehicles; to a painting guide by one of the very best – Andy Singleton – and books on the military history of Rome. There is almost certainly a book review in this edition for any wargamer!

But it is certainly not all book reviews in this issue’s 87 pages!

A perennially popular subject of gamers is WW2, and the 15mm scale game Flames of Wars is not into its 4th Edition, so we have a look at jumping into the 15mm WW2 with their Hit the Beach stater set.

But Flames of War isn’t the only way into 15mm WW2 gaming, and the hugely successful World of Tanks computer game has a corresponding miniature game of tank warfare, also using the 15mm scale rules. Our editor also takes a look at this game!

Also following on the train of our esteemed Editor’s current interest in 15mm scale, is a look at the Team Yankee game. Like Flames of War, this is also a 15mm game, but set a couple of decades after WW2, in an alternative history often described as ‘Cold War Gone Hot’, where cold war forces do battle on our games tables! In conjunction with this review, our Editor also looks at the British Challenger Armoured Squadron starter set for Team Yankee.

Finally, rounding out these connected articles is a painting tutorial for tanks, to give those of us with less experience painting these vehicles an accessible way to get them looking great on our tables with minimum effort!

Before we move away from Tanks, we have a quick look at what the Tank Museum has available in their online store for the tank fans in our lives, this Christmas!

There is also a slightly introspective piece on the state of Historical Wargaming in our wider hobby, entitled Is Historical Gaming Dead? Given the number of column inches we dedicate to historical games, and that two of the top three wargaming magazines focus mostly on historical gaming, it may seem an unusual question to ask. But there has undoubtedly been a resurgence of Games Workshop of late, as well as fantasy and science fiction becoming popular in our culture than ever, so we think the question is worth asking and reviewing together.

We also have a review of the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set. This classic RPG is very popular amongst all of the Irregular Magazine staff, and it great to see a new introductory set for those that have never tried before!

On the topic of games that are close to real life, but have some differences, we have a review of how to bring to life Alternative History games and what some of the comment settings are out the that are available for us to play.

Once of the these that we have touched on more than once in previous issues is A Very British Civil War, and we once more look at this captivating Alternative History, with a new scenario: The Plymouth Incident.

Of course, many of the games we are talking about still need friends to play with, and although the world now has more hope than ever, many of us remain unable to meet up with friends to play games. Therefore, our Introduction to Solo Gaming by be able to bring you some ideas of what you can be doing on your own until the times come when we can all play together again!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

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Let us welcome you again to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 13 Volume 2 for Autumn 2020!

As we usually do, we begin with a review of the recent News in gaming, followed by a look again our editor’s ongoing saga of the battle against his grey hoard – and how lockdown and furlough has affected his views on his grey hoard, as well as making great progress!

With the new version of Blood Bowl being announced by Games Workshop, we have a look back at where Blood Bowl has come from.

We have a fantastic range of books reviews in this issue, starting, with a look at the Big Book of Battlemats (Vol 2) for the dungeonmaster looking for some visual impact and minimum effort. Also for RPG fans, we have a look at Does Love Forgive? a scenario for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, which is designed for just a single Player and to be run by their Keeper.

Staying with RPGs, we also have a review of The Klingon Empire release from Mophidius for the Star Trek Adventures game – a must for any Star Trek and RPG fan!

We also look at Operation Colossus, a detailed examination of the first airbourne raid of WW2 and Tiger Battalion 507, which collects together accounts from the crewmen and workshop companies bringing a brutal and honest insight into the operations of a Tiger tank battallion, also in WW2.

In addition, we have a review of The French at Waterloo, the first of two volumes featuring the first-hand accounts of those who fought on the French side. This is compliemented by a review of The Light Devision in the Penninsual War, which looks at the actions of their predecessors from the perspective of modern riflemen.

We also have a review of On Operations with C Squadron SAS, which is a firsthand account of SAS teams’ operation in Africa in the 1980s, a period of chaotic upheveal and proxy wars on the continent. In addition, we also look at With the SAS Across the Rhine, which is an account of SAS operations in an earlier, but no less fascinating, time.

Looking at a much less well known period of history, our Editor first reviews Cousins of Anarchy, looking at the period of Stephen and Matilda’s civial work in the 12th centry, followed by Rebellion Against Henry III, which looks at the battles with the rebel Barons and This Disinherited against Henry III in the late 13th century. This period doesn’t often get much attention, and these books could be very interesting if you want to know more about this pivotal but little-known period of English history!

Jason also has a look at some of the multi-volume Cold War Series, 1945-1991, from Pen and Sword Publishing. Picked out of this facinating series, he particularly looks at volumes on the the Suez Crisis 1956, the Korean War Chinese Invasion and the Korean War Imjin River, althogh the whole series is much, much larger!

In a non-historical vein, we also have a review of The History of Toy Soldiers. Pretty much an essential read if you love your toy soldiers and especially if you have in interest in the collecting side of toy soldiers.

As usual, we also like to look at the future of gaming as it comes to us, and the rise of eSports cannot really be ignored any longer! We look at some of the reasons why it is on the rise as well as trends and changes in eSports that look at how it is changing today and looking at what the scene could look like in the future.

With the global pandemic situation being what it is, many of us are missing the opportunity to go to gaming convensions, meeting up with friends and playing games new and old. Our Editor has writen up his experiences of the UKGE virtual weekend which was something of a replacement for these activities, based on what was possible.

But, our Editor has not been idle sitting at home! He also takes a look at tabletop wargaming in the Dark Ages and how you can go about getting started, examining what choices you have are in terms of miniatures, rules and terrain; as well as providing us with a fascinating description of Roman Derby, which is not only a fascinating general read, but may be of use if you like Roman skirmish games such as Gangs of Rome and want to set them in this area!

Staying in the areas of Derby, Jason has alos looked at what it woudl take to develop a local ECW campaign in the area around north Derbyshire and south Yorkshire, which is complemented by an unboxing of A Call to Arms’ rather lovely 1/72 scale Parliament Infantry.

Finally, we conclude with a look at a press release from Kwalee gaming that says 1 in 10 gamers would rather their was was destroyed than their game save data, and what that means to gamers.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

10.7MB 87 pages
10.5MB zip file

Let us welcome you again to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 12 Volume 2 for Summer 2020!

As we usually do, we begin with a review of the recent News in gaming, followed by a look again our editor’s ongoing battle against his grey hoard – only in this issue he has made some great progress!

We also take a look at the upcoming release of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition from Games Workshop, as well as some of the free games available from Mantic’s online store and we have a review of Osprey’s latest skirmish wargame: Reality’s Edge.

We have book reviews in this issue that look at Ceaser’s Roman army on campaign, a biographical acount of the LRP in Vietnam, the history behind The Game of Thrones, the SAS’s mid 20th Century actions in Africa, and a book on the history of the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic era; as well as an overview of three of the titles in Images of War series from Pen and Sword Publishing.

We also look at a few great products: the stunning collaboration between Games Workshop and Bandai, in the form of their Primaris Intercessor Action Figure; and our editor has written up both an unboxing of the Dreadball Extreme board game, as well as a step-by step overview of the building of the Stoic Arms, a fantasy tavern kit from 4ground.

Finally, there is a step-by-step painting guide to one of Games Workshop’s easy build kits, the Blight Hauler, as well as a guide to painting wood, and a review of the Macedonian Heros for SPQR from Warlord Games.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

9.50MB 63 pages
9.24MB zip file

Let us welcome you again to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 11 Volume 2 for Spring 2020!

This one is a little different than usual due to the changing times in which we all are living in the Spring of 2020. We know that most of our readers are locked down – some with more hobby time available due to economic circumstances; some with with less hobby time due to work commitments still needing to be met and many of us experiencing an increased need to spend more time with our families and those we live with, to keep loved ones going through these times.

But however this lockdown finds you, we hope you’re keeping well, keeping safe and doing what you can to help the medical heroes working in your area to manage the current crisis!

To help you all do this, our Editor has drawn together this Lockdown special edition of Irregular Magazine! This is a compilation of many of our painting and modelling articles that we’ve published over the more-than-a-decade in which Irregular Magazine has been going.

We very much hope this helps you either pass the time, or helps you de-stress just a little, by revisiting some old painting guides and helping to inspire the next things you want to work on in your own hobby projects.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

14.3MB 116 pages
13.8MB zip file

Let us welcome you again to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 10 Volume 2 for Spring 2020!

As usual, we start with a review of the recent gaming News, which is extra large this time and this is quickly followed up by a review of the long-running and wacky sci-fi role playing game Paranoia, currently available from Mongoose Publishing. Sticking with the RPG theme, we have an overview of the chinese city of Fengdu, which we hope will be a jumping off point as an interestin place to set some of your role playing adventures.

Also with the idea of bringing you futher inspirational thoughts, our editor has put together an overview of some of the shows we can find on modern streaming services, which have originaed in Asia, but can bring us some fantastic inspiration for a wide variety of our games.

In addition to these great sources of inspriation, our editor also brings us an update on how he is getting on wiht his ongoing battle with his own personal grey hoard, as well as a separate overview looking forward into 2020 with his thoughts for which terrain and army projects he will be investing his hobby time into over the next year.

At Irregular Magazine, we like to stay in touch as much as we can with how people are playing their games, and as a part of this we have a great write-up of Castle Gaming, which is a tabletop hobby shop located just north of Sheffield,a nd if you’re ever nearby well worth a look in.

As always, we review a number of great books. This time, we have look at a little bit of armour , with title looking in depth at a Chieften Tank and another title looking at US Cold War and Armoured Fighting Vehicles more generally, both from Pen and Sword.

We also have a couple features addressing ancient gaming, a review of the book Armies of the Hellenistic States, also by Pen and Sword and an overview of the Persian Empire that we hope will be a great jumping off point for you to look further into this fascinating a not nearly well enough known ancient empire.

But we know it is not just ancenient and modern gaming that holds your interest, so as well as a review of the Qin army miniatures from Watchful Studios, we have a review of the Osprey title Late Imperial Chinese Armies 1520-1840.

Finally, we look at a new version of gameplay for the popular boardgame Arkham Horror, we look at Games Workshop’s new fantasy partwork title Mortal Realms, which promises to do for Age of Sigmar what Conquest magazine has done for Warhammer 40,000 and we finish with a look at the latest gaming-related Stamps available from the UK’s postal service, The Royal Mail.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

16.2MB 60 pages
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Welcome once more to our our latest issue of Irregular Magazine; this time it is Issue 9 Volume 2 for Summer 2019!

As well as a review of the recent News, we have a review of the new 4th Edition Flames of War ‘Hit the Beach’, and sticking with the WW2 theme, we also have a review of two of the Tank Craft and Land Craft series of books from Pen and Sword publishing, as well as the well known painter Andy Singleton’s book on painting WW2 figures for desert warfare!

We have a review of ‘Wargames Terrain and Buildings – The Napoleonic Period’, a great book that shows how appropriate period buildings can be created for our Napoleonic battlefields without needing to resort to the ubiquitous MDF packs that are now available!

Alex and Jason looks at Games Workshop’s new range of paints – Contrast Paints, and offer their views on their experiences with them and how they see working with them in the future.

We also have an introduction to our new podcast, which can be found at Go check it out if you’ve not done so!

Our editor continues on his never-ending odyssey as he battles to work through his personal Grey Hoard and what he is looking forward to over the next year.

Jason gives a write-up of an alternative background that can be used for either Mortal Gods or SPQR in the form of Trojan England! That is to say a Trojan colony in Kernow. Want to know more? Turn of page 30 of Issue 9 (Volume 2)!

There is a super interview with Watchful I studios, who specialise in Asian themed armies, both historical and fantasy, looking specifically at their range of miniatures set in the Qin dynasty of China.

Following on from last issue, we have a further detailed look at the 2nd edition of Test of Honour, with a bit more detail about the changes since version one and what you can do with the different cards, paths, traits, quests and scenarios available to use discover the path of your characters in this fantastic game!

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

8.53MB 42 pages
8.36MB zip file

Once again we’d like to offer you a welcome return to our our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 8 Volume 2 for Winter 2019!

As Webmaster, I should offer a small apology here that this issue is a little bit later than planned due to Real Life™. Sorry about that – however, on with the more interesting bits of this issue!

As well as a review of the recent News, in this issue we’re examining what is happening with the new and upcoming edition of Test of Honour, the popular Samurai miniatures game. With information directly from Graham Davey, one of the authors of the game, we look at what gamers can expect from the new edition.

We also enjoy bringing you different perspectives on the gaming industry, so we’re very excited to bring you a review of three different games: Drop Mix, IceCool2 and Orc-lympics by CoCo, who is our youngest contributor so far!

To complement CoCo’s first review article, we’ve also got a review of a number of boardgames that cab be played with our wider families as well – and that are not just for the dedicated gamer.

There are also two history pieces in this month’s magazine. The first is a really interesting look at a a particular action in the Sino-Japanese War, The Defense of Sihang Warehouse, which was a part of the Battle of Shanghai; with a focus on Xie Jinyuan, the commander of the Chinese forces in this particular action. The second is a focus on POW escapes in Asia during WW2, which is rather less well known than equivalent European escapes and perhaps far more dangerous!

Our team have also look at of a couple of events in this issue: The Newark Wargames Show and the New York Toy Fair, as well as a Book review by our Editor of One-Hour Skirmish Wargames by John Lambshead.

Our editor is also in find form as he continues his series on his never-ending fight with the his own personal Grey Hoard and what he is looking forward to over the next year.

Another Irregular regular, Alex, has written up his first forays into the world of Team Yankee, which if you don’t know is Battlefront’s 15mm miniature game of hot cold war!

Finally, if you only read one thing in this issue, we can only strongly recommend that you review the article we have about Dan Melville and how he created his own prosthesis based on gaming and has transformed this into his own small business.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

13.5MB 54 pages
13.2MB zip file

Welcome back, one and all, for our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 7 Volume 2 for Autumn 2018!

As the days begin to get shorter in the northern hemisphere, and we’re forced to spend more time indoors, we take a look at some of what will be keeping us excited in the hobby over the next few months, until that daylight comes back again.

We take a look at two of the newer offerings from the giant in our hobby. Games Workshop has been bringing us many new things recently, an we take a look at work to them: Adeptus Titanicus, the return of the small-scale giants of the battlefield to our hobby tabletops; and we also have a look into Games Workshop’s return to Middle Earth with their latest release on their now renamed Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game.

As well as bringing us the latest news, including news on new boardgames that have been release, a painting competitions from Mantic Games and GCT Studios, and more – our beloved editor also updates us on his progress in fighting his own grey hoard, a perpetual battle that we all endure!

Finally, in a nod to past issues, we’ve revisited an article brought to us by David Heathfield looking at Zenithal Highlighting and painting clothing, perfect for those of you who painting miniatures is part of your hobby!

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

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We’d like to welcome you all back once more, to present our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 6 Volume 2 for Summer 2018!

In our latest issue, we bring you more excellent hobby content for you to read at your leisure, as we report on the usual mix of hobby subjects, new games and we have a write-up of the latest news breaking on our hobby world.

We start with our Editor’s ongoing fight against his grey hoard, and how he has been making progress on scenery, miniatures and trying out some new things as well! Even (shock!) trying to finish painting some things!

In the news, we look at some of the latest things from the UK Games Expo this year including the strengthened partnership between MasQueOca and Pegasus Spiele Kingdomino, Dazed, Summoners Isle, Ravage, Army Painter’s new D&D paint set and the Big Book of Battle Mats – an essential tool for any budding fantasy Gamesmaster!

Alex also bring us a more detailed look at the UK Games Expo in a multi-part article. The UK Games Expo is always a great event, which gets bigger and better with every passing year!

Jason reviews the new board game of the classic film, Big Trouble in Little China, and also brings us an interview with the creator of this game, Chris Batarlis.

We also have a review of the new Solomon Kane board game from Mythic Battles, giving an interesting overview of this new title from the makers of the awesome Mythic Battles game. There are reviews of the Escape from the Castle card game, and What A Tanker! wargame from Too Fat Lardies. Also, Jason has written an un-boxing report of Gangs of Rome: Blood on the Aventine, which we reviewed in the last issue.

Never let it be said that we ignore our friends in the hobby media, as Warhammergrimace also found time when at the UK Games Expo to interview Warren, from Beasts of War, which is also written up in this issue.

Finally, we have a wonderful review of the Souvenir Book from Games Workshop, focusing on their display dioramas that are on display at Warhammer World in Lenton, Nottingham!

9.97MB 56 pages
4.60MB zip file

We’d like to welcome you all back once more, to present our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 5 Volume 2 for Winter 2018!

Yet again, there is some fantastic hobby content for you to read at your leisure, as we report on a variety of hobby topics and new games and we have a round-up of the news that has been breaking in our hobby world.

Our Editors lifelong passion for the Roman Empire raises its head once more as he looks at crime in the Roman world. We have two different articles looking at Roman terrain for gaming in this period, as well as a look at the new skirmish game, Gangs of Rome.

Its not all about Rome, however! We also look at WW2, with a look at the Japanese Occupation of Hang Kong, a painting guide to painting British WW2 camo from Stoessi’s heroes. There is also a review of the Stoessi’s Heroes miniature range from our Editor.

There is a further report on Jason’s ongoing battle to keep working his way through painting his imposing grey hoard of unpainted miniatures, something I’m sure every miniature painter can empathise with!

As well as the Stoessi’s Heroes miniatures review, we also have reviews of two new books from the publishers Pen & Sword: “Painting Wargaming Figures” and “Tabletop Wargames: A designers & writiers’ handbook” as well as a look at the much talked about Model Box miniature subscription service.

We have a quick look at the new Malifaux App from Wyrd, which looks very useful for fans of this game, and there is a look at the options for freely available rules for Medieval wargaming.

Finally, Alex has taken a good look at the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, who have boldly stepped in a universe that has a great following and history in the RPG space.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

4.97MB 40 pages
4.79MB zip file

Welcome once more lovely readers! Once again we’re beyond excited to be able to present to you a brand new issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 4 of Volume 2 for Summer 2017!

And, once again, we have a great set of interesting articles for your to consume at your leisure!

We have a further look at the Pathfinder RPG, which we started in the last issue, with a look at the Adventurers Guide supplement for this classic RPG.

We also have a number of great interviews in this issue. The first is with a games manufacturer located in Shanghai Longpack Games; who share with us some of the trials and tribulations of how they go about physically creating the games designed by other companies.

Also, we talk with the new UK games company Raku Games, about their first offering, Krill, and about the whole process of designing a game.

A further very interesting interview around games design is with James M Hewitt, a games designer of renown, who has worked at both Mantic Games and Games Workshop and now is going solo with his own company!

And finally for the interviews, we talked with Model Box, the e-commerce company providing a curated box of items suitable for the miniature hobbiest!

Continuing our Blast from the Past series, Alex takes a look at the Mk I Land Raider, that was available from Games Workshop in 1988. If you’ve been playing Warhammer 40,000 long enough (like our Webmaster has!) then you might have owned one of these classic, mighty battletanks!

Fresh from Gencon 2017, we have a look at the first ever chibi-style painting competition, The Golden Kobold, that was hosted by Ninja Division Publishing.

There are also a look at a number of games, both new and old in this issue.

We have a look at a new phenomena in co-operative gaming, Exit Games, specifically we review The Pharaoh’s Tomb which we were lucky enough to get our hands on!

There is a quick look at Brutal Kingdom, the quick-play game to gain the most power, in this offering from Thames & Cosmos.

We also have a review of Open Combat, a miniature skirmish game from our friends at Second Thunder. If you like miniature skirmish games and you’ve not seen Open Combat before, you really should check it out!

The upcoming re-release of Necromunda, from Games Workshop’s Specialist Games division has caught the attention of many gamers, so we have a look back at what we remember from the last time we played this excellent game and advance of the new edition!

And finally for the games reviews our editor has had a look at Cold War Commander, the miniature wargame of modern warfare, and he gives us his thoughts and review.

However, that’s not it from our editor, Jason! He’s recently moved house, so he has documented the effort he put into making his own hobby space, which he calls his Man Cave! You should be warned, though, there is a picture of him in this article! 😉

We also have write-ups of our attendance at the UK Games Expo from earlier this year, held at the NEC in the UK, as well as a visit to Warhammer World – a favourite of many a miniature wargamer and we look at what such a visit has to offer!

Finally, our Jason has written a most interesting article on the first hot action of the Cold War – the Civil War in China. If you don’t know much about the history of this conflict, Jason’s article is an excellent place to start! So …

9.99MB 61 pages
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Welcome back once again dear reader! We are buzzing here at Irregular Magazine to be able to present Issue 3 of Volume 2 of Irregular Magazine for Spring 2017.

In this issue, we have a number of great articles!

We have taken a good, and perhaps long overdue, look at the Pathinder RPG that is a favourite of many role-players worldwide as well as a discussion about how RPGs can be a solution to fitting gaming into our increasingly busy lives.

There is an examination of new games: Cornish Smuggler, from Grublin Games; The Football Game, a football club management game from London Games Company and much anticipated Walking Dead tabletop game from Mantic Games, based on the TV series and movies.

Our editor continues with his various challenges to get as much of his grey army as possible into a nicely painted state – and he’s now added the miniatures from his board games to the list! He’s also write a nice guide to simply painting 1/72 scale miniatures with the help of dip varnish.

We’ll also be looking at Blood Bowl in a Blast from the Past; although it is also a current game with the recent re-release of the perennially popular games from Games Workshop celebrating 30 years since it was first released!

Alex has taken a good look at the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One (spoiler alert ahead!) giving us an in depth review as well as his thoughts for the future of Star Wars films.

We also have a great review of one of the most popular apps on the planet: Pokémon Go, from the pen of Sophie Fiest that is well worth a read!

Jason has written an overview of the kinds of terrain that was around in the pre-Roman period, which is a superb inspiration for anyone looking to build terrain for either this period, or indeed later periods, of historical gaming.

We also look forward to both the UK Games Expo 2017 and Salute 2017 shows in the UK; as well as looking forward to what other games we should expecting to enjoy in 2017 as Alex reviews the games and updates we expect to be released!

5.76MB 47 pages
5.46MB zip file

Issue 2 Volume 2 / Summer ’16

Continuing with our theme of Irregular, its been a little while, but we’re overjoyed to present Issue 2 of Volume 2 of Irregular Magazine for Summer/Autumn 2016. We think its a great issue!

In this issue, we have a great number of articles!

We look at a number of events that have been happened this year, from the mighty shows which are Salute and the UK Games Expo, both of which we highly recommend if you’ve never been; to a Bolt Action tournament that your humble webmaster helped to organise. We also have a write up of Alex’s first visit to Warhammer World since it was refurbished

There are a reviews of a module for the long standing game D&D 5th, Princes of the Apocalypse and a look at a new rules set on its path to creation, The Shattered Crown. We have reviews of Games Workshop’s Imperial Space Marine Anniversary Figure, Lynn Stahl’s AFV Acrylic Techniques DVD and our look at the excellent Figopedia book penned by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul.

There is a superb interview with Grublin Games, makers of the critically acclaimed board game Waggle Dance where we also talk about their new game Cornish Smuggler (the fact our editor is also Cornish is pure co-incidence!)

We have two hobby tutorial, one on making your own gore for decorating your ickiest figures and a second how to build planets and moons as scenery for your space-based wargaming.

Finally we also have a fast-paced short story again from our good friend Taylor Holloway and our editor has a new passion in the form of 1/72 Napoleonics that he talks about as well as a continuation of his Gaming on the Cheap series.

17.0MB 51 pages
16.7MB zip file

Issue 1 Volume 2 / Sprint ’16

Well, we didn’t know whether we’d ever make it back again, but here we are!

After a couple of years of not being able to produce an edition of Irregular Magazine due to a combination of changing personal circumstances and a lack of contributions, we’re finally able to bring another edition back to the internet!

To reflect our hiatus, we’ve restarted our numbering, but recognise the great magazines that we produced before by making this Issue 1 Volume 2.

We think it is a pretty damn good issue to bring us back to publication. We have a look at how our editor is trying to build an army on the cheap – and we all want cheap armies, right? There is an unnerving sci-fi short story from our good friend Taylor Holloway; Alex is back with more great advice on scratch building and this time it is a Star Destroyer for X-Wing!! and Vet Sgt gives some great advice on building alien scenery. We have a review of the D&D 5th module, The Rise of Tiamat and the contribution that Marc Miller has given us over many years with his Traveller series of games.

1.91MB 32 pages
1.81MB zip file

Issue 15 / Summer ’13

But we’re back again now with another superb issue for everyone. We have a couple of neat tutorials looking first at making cheap terrain and another on how to build your own Roman villa. We have a really interesting interview with Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games about why mantic have gone down the route of using Kickstarter, as well as a look at Mantic’s most recently completed Kickstarter campaign, Deadzone. Also in this issue we have a background piece that can be used for Stargate games, either RPGs or wargames if you’re interested in running an alternative Stargate universe based in the UK.

We have three showcases this issue looking at the work of the talented illustrator Conor Nolan, a look at some of Ian Powell’s wonderfully painted miniatures and the third showcase features Graham Shirley’s awesome Warhammer Greenskin army of Hazmat Gutspilla and the Red Tribe. All three showcases are really well-worth reading.

Finally, we round off this issue with a great short story from the pen of ShaNeil Harada and we have reviews of two games, Dungeon Command and Helldorado.

8.23MB 43 pages
8.04 MB zip file

Issue 14 / Winter ’13

Yet again, we have another fantastic issue for everyone. We have a couple of really interesting opinion pieces looking at shopping on the internet vs. the highstreet and at the online phenomenon that has really exploded this year: Kickstarter. We also have a great short story for your entertainment from the talented pen of Dave Jackson.

There is also an interview with Jon Robertson of Urban Mammoth about Warheads: Medieval Tales, a look at painting a ruined tower and a great guide to making your own character bases. Daniel Liefer gives us some excellent advice on painting freehand and there are reviews of Fantasy Flight Games’ Gears of War boardgame and the Dredd 3D movie.

4.55MB 29 pages
4.32 MB zip file

There was no publication of Irregular Magazine in Spring ’13. Apologies for any confusion.

Issue 13 / Autumn ’12

Once again, we have another great issue, packed with excellent articles and tutorials. We have a really interesting look at the costs of producing limited miniatures runs and a discussion around how to create scenarios for wargames, as well as a further look into the world of Magic: The Gathering.

We also have a painting guide for Clone Troopers in 15mm scale and a look at whether Airbrushing would be right for you. We also have a look into two different historical backgrounds – The Persian Empire and Trojan England (no, really! Well worth reading). We also priviledged to have an excellent piece on the future sport of Robo Basho, a world of 2115 where Giant Robots are piloted into combat in a heavy metal form of sumo!

1.35MB 43 pages
1.23 MB zip file

There was no publication of Irregular Magazine in Summer ’12. Apologies for any confusion.

Issue 12 / Spring ’12

Another great issue packed with excellent articles and tutorials. We have a great retrospective looking at a Empire, a computer game from the 70s that is still being played today on the internet. We also have another peek into our developing world for the Traveller RPG, this time some NPCs for players to encounter, there is a review of Leeds Armouries and a look at how the Goths played a part in the downfall of Rome.

There are three tutorials this month; two great guides from Lyn Sthal – a guide to basing and a tutorial on painting faces. We also have the second of a series of articles by Alex Garbett focusing on terrain for spaceship wargaming. This article looks at making stars. There is also our usual review section and a new instalment of Tuk Tuk, by the talented Will Kirby in yet another packed edition of the magazine.

13.0MB 44 pages
12.2 MB zip file

Issue 11 / Winter’12

Our Winter’s Eve themed issue of the magazine is once more jam-packed with some excellent articles and tutorials. We look at the D8 RPG Sins, and the Abney Park’s Airship Pirates RPG, and focus on the artwork for Airship Pirates with an interview of some of the artists involved. There are two tutorials; a seasonal guide to snow basing and the first of a series of articles focusing on terrain for spaceship wargaming looking at making planets. There are also plenty of reviews and yet another great instalment of Tuk Tuk and much more!

6.6MB 49 pages
6.3 MB zip file

Issue 10 / Autumn ’11

This issue the theme is Apocalypse. In our tutorial section we have a guide to painting a Firestorm Armada space ship. In RPG we take a look at possible apocalyptic scenarios. The community section has a showcase with David North, cover artist of issue 9, and a report on IMP 2011 show. Nick Johnson builds a theme deck for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG and Dave Barker looks back at the Fighting Fantasy books. We have a short story from Taylor Holloway, plus plenty of great reviews, Tuk Tuk from Will Kirkby, news and much, much more.

6.6MB 49 pages
6.3 MB zip file

Issue 9 / Summer ’11

This issue our theme is Pulp. Cover artist David North has created a superb cover which includes many of our favourite Pulp themes.As usual we have reviews, tutorials, articles and a two short stories plus another episode of our comic Tuk Tuk.

8.2 MB 65 pages
7.9 MB zip file

Issue 8 / Spring ’11

This issue our theme is Beasts. Cover artist Brynn Metheney has created a stunning cover with a real knock out beasty. As usual we have interviews, reviews, tutorials, articles, a short story and the results of last issues painting competition plus another episode of our comic Tuk Tuk.

13 MB 78 pages
12.2 MB zip file

Issue 7 / Winter ’11

Our Fronties themed issue had a stunning cover by artist Diego Gisbert Llorens, the theme continued with Palm Crossing a frontier town for Traveller RPG, reviews of Tea Wars and Clockwork and Chivalry, as well as a historical piece on the Zulu War.

7.6 MB 92 pages
7.3 MB zip file

Issue 6 / Autumn ’10

Our Magic themed issue had a stunning cover by out Tuk Tuk artist Will Kirkby, the theme continued with a step by step tutorial on how to paint Discworld’s Nanny Ogg, a guide to the mages of MiddleEarth and a Stage Magician Prestige class for RPG. A slew of show reports included Games Day UK and USA. We interviewed Black Library author Nick Kyme, and David Heathfield gave us a comprehensive guide to the application of paint.

11.62 MB 92 pages
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Issue 5 / Summer ’10

Our first anniversary issue was a bumper affair. This issue included an interview with Jérémie Bonamant Teboul and author Gav Thorpe, part 1 of our Dark Age campaign using Warhammer Ancient Battles, City Guard NPC and some A Very British Civil War articles. Tutorials included chipping, blood effects and painting 1:72 scale figures. There were show reports on Salute and Derby ConQuest, plus our favourite skirmish video games. We also included an article on the gladiator revolt, I’m Spartacus and a medieval rules supplement – Men at Arms.

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Issue 4 / Spring ’10

This issue included an interview with Mike McVey and author Andy Remic. We brought you articles on Viking raiders, pirates for Traveller, and a look at the best swashbuckling movies ever. Our tutorials included a fantastic tutorial by David Heathfield, and how to make photo scenery the easy way. We also packed in two short stories and reviews of 6D6Fireball and Savage Worlds, plus much, much more.

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Issue 3 / Winter ’10

This issue included a free zombie apocalypse gaming supplement, an unusual Goblin army, tutorials for urban basing and speed painting skeletons, interviews with Victoria Lamb and sculptor Bob Naismith as well as a look at the undead decks available in Magic: The Gathering, plus much more!

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Issue 2 / Autumn ’09

This issue included a guide to photographing your minis, Mould Goblins for DnD, tutorials for painting rust and making scenery on a CD, an article on the Peasants revolt and a show report on Games Day UK 2009, plus much more!

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Issue 1 / Summer ’09

The very first issue included tutorials for non-metallic metals, painting lava bases and painting a Vindicator with washes, articles for an ECW campaign, how to make an industrial base, Carter & Sons D20 NPC and much more!

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