Issue 18 Volume 2 / Winter 2021

Welcome once again beloved readers, for our Winter edition of Irregular Magazine for 2021!

As many regular readers will have come to expect, this issue begins with a dive into the latest gaming News and Irregular Magazine’s long-suffering Editor takes an introspective look at how much he has achieved in the short time since we published our last issue!

We once again have a great selection of book reviews covering the wide range of historical interests we know our readers love, with titles this time looking at the Chinese wars of the early 20th Century, Ancient Warfare, WW2 in Africa, and British Colonial warfare in Africa. We also look into books covering the early British Army, a history of US Artillery, making WW1 western front terrain, as well as a review of an interesting book looking at the long history of Britain’s Toy Soliders. Finally, we have also reviewed Bernard Cornwell’s latest Sharpe novel, Sharpe’s Assassin.

Our Editor gives us an overview of the Boxer Rebellion, as a period that some of us may not have considered in which we can set our tabletop wargames. But we also have a good number of reviews of other games, and game books. Starting with the gamebooks, we look at the currently very popular Silver Bayonet, as well as Kobolds and Cobblestones and Fistful of Kung Fu all from Osprey. We have an interesting review of the Vaesen, an RPG game for fans of nordic myths and folklore, as well as the WW1 skirmish game Blood and Valor. We also look at a couple of great family games, with the VektoRace punch-out tabletop racing game, as well as the fast and fun Red Panda press-your-luck cardgame.

We also take our irregular look back at the past with two articles. In the first Jason attempts to answer the proposition Why the 1980s was a great decade to grow up as a kid, and in the second, he looks back and reminisces about the classic Warhammer Historical Title The High Seas, a tabletop miniature game set in the Golden Age of Piracy!

Then we have a look at one of the latest Warhammer services – Warhammer+, with an opinion piece about whether this service would offer value for money for you, and if it is the future for how we consume such content.

We have minuature reviews this month of the Wargames Atlantic plastic box sets of plastic skeletons and plastic goblins, as well as a terrain tutorial describing an effective way to make your own hills for your tabletop!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: November 24th, 2021 at 21:35