Issue 19 Volume 2 / Spring 2022

Welcome once again beloved readers, for our Spring edition of Irregular Magazine for 2022!

As many regular readers will have come to expect, this issue begins with a dive into the latest gaming News and Irregular Magazine’s long-suffering Editor takes an introspective look at how much he has achieved in the short time since we published our last issue!

We once again have a good selection of book reviews covering the wide range of historical interests we know our readers love, with titles this time looking at the WW2 period conflict between Finland and Russia, as well as the campaign of Ancient Rome against Greece and Dutch Resistance against the German army. There are also books on Stalin’s war against Japan, and a Battle-by-Battle book of the US Civil war.

Our Editor gives us an overview of the invasions, to give us some ideas we can use in our campaigns. We also have a good number of reviews of other games, and game books. Starting with the gamebooks, we look at the skirmish game set in the Crusades Outremer; Faith & Blood, as well as two board games by Gale Force 9 based on the film Dune. In this issue we take a look at several RPGs, that includes The One Ring, Twilight 2000 and the expansion book for Vaesen; A Wicked Secret. Loke Battle Mats have released another great set of map books which we dive into for a look.

Courage in Combat are a range of modern military miniatures which we also investigate. We also go back to the late 80’s in our Blast from the Past article where we fondly look back at one of the greatest board games ever created; Heroquest. We have also included an interview with the Author Andy Remic who sadly passed away recently.

The editor also investigates the print on demand service by DriveThruRPG website. He purchases some old D&D books and the rules books for TSR’s sci-fi RPG Space Frontiers, and reviews if the print on demand service is worth buying.

This is another jam-packed issue rammed with great hobby articles.

So it’s time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: April 3rd, 2022 at 11:07