Issue 17 Volume 2 / Autumn 2021

Welcome back dear readers as we publish our Autumn edition of Irregular Manazine for 2021!

We start in this issue with our customary dive into the News that has been happening in our great gaming hobby, and our beloved Editor takes an introspective look at how many projects he has on the go, and why, in the course of his ongoing battle with the Grey Horde.

As ever, we have a great selection of book reviews, starting with ancient history, with a look at the Spartans in The Bronze Lie and the Romans in Military History of Late Rome, Roman Conquest of Britain, Roman Conquests: Mesopotamia and Rome and Parthia: Empire at War. We also have a look at an intreguing title from Pen & Sword, Thracian & Dacian Armies, which take a look at two of Rome’s lesser known adversaries.

We also have reviews of two books looking at key historical figures, starting with The Last Viking from Osprey Publishing, a narrative tale of King Harald Hardrada, as well as a review Egypt 1801 from Frontline Books, which tells the tale of the end of Napolean’s Eastern Empire

As ever, there are many great WW2 titles available for wargamers interested in this period and we look at threeof these, The Reckoning, which looks at the defeat of the Russian Army Group South in 1944, US and Germans at Bastogne which gives us firsthand accounts of commanders from this famous battle, and Desert Raids of the SAS, which specifically looks at the expereinces of Major Tony Hough in WW2.

Finally for the book reviews, we examine two more titles – Valley of Death, an account of the LIght Cavalry at Balaclava and Towers of Strength, which looks at the fascinating role that Martello Towers have been put to use for, across the world.

But it is not all book reviews, we also have a look a the Trent Miniatures Napoleonic Range of figures, which are manufactured by Skytrex, as well as reviewing the new plastic British Riflemen for the Napoleonic period from Wargames Atlantic

Allied to these minature reviews, our Editor has also had a look into the different rules sets that can be used to wage smaller scale or skirmish battles in the Napoleonic period on our tabletops, and has also had a dive into looking at the roles played by skirmishers in these wars.

In addition to all this, we also look at some new games that are out there, including the new card game Mobsitters, we look at the fantasy RPG Sumbaroum, there is an overview of the much anticipated zombie-focussed expanstion to Stargrave – Quarentine 37, and finally we have a dive into what some of the alternatives are to gaming that doesn’t involve Games Workshop games, if that is something you’re looking to do!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: October 9th, 2021 at 13:19