Issue 10 Volume 2 / Spring 2020

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Let us welcome you again to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 10 Volume 2 for Spring 2020!

As usual, we start with a review of the recent gaming News, which is extra large this time and this is quickly followed up by a review of the long-running and wacky sci-fi role playing game Paranoia, currently available from Mongoose Publishing. Sticking with the RPG theme, we have an overview of the chinese city of Fengdu, which we hope will be a jumping off point as an interestin place to set some of your role playing adventures.

Also with the idea of bringing you futher inspirational thoughts, our editor has put together an overview of some of the shows we can find on modern streaming services, which have originaed in Asia, but can bring us some fantastic inspiration for a wide variety of our games.

In addition to these great sources of inspriation, our editor also brings us an update on how he is getting on wiht his ongoing battle with his own personal grey hoard, as well as a separate overview looking forward into 2020 with his thoughts for which terrain and army projects he will be investing his hobby time into over the next year.

At Irregular Magazine, we like to stay in touch as much as we can with how people are playing their games, and as a part of this we have a great write-up of Castle Gaming, which is a tabletop hobby shop located just north of Sheffield,a nd if you’re ever nearby well worth a look in.

As always, we review a number of great books. This time, we have look at a little bit of armour , with title looking in depth at a Chieften Tank and another title looking at US Cold War and Armoured Fighting Vehicles more generally, both from Pen and Sword.

We also have a couple features addressing ancient gaming, a review of the book Armies of the Hellenistic States, also by Pen and Sword and an overview of the Persian Empire that we hope will be a great jumping off point for you to look further into this fascinating a not nearly well enough known ancient empire.

But we know it is not just ancenient and modern gaming that holds your interest, so as well as a review of the Qin army miniatures from Watchful Studios, we have a review of the Osprey title Late Imperial Chinese Armies 1520-1840.

Finally, we look at a new version of gameplay for the popular boardgame Arkham Horror, we look at Games Workshop’s new fantasy partwork title Mortal Realms, which promises to do for Age of Sigmar what Conquest magazine has done for Warhammer 40,000 and we finish with a look at the latest gaming-related Stamps available from the UK’s postal service, The Royal Mail.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

Published: January 25th, 2020 at 19:56