Issue 11 Volume 2 / Spring 2020

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Let us welcome you again to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 11 Volume 2 for Spring 2020!

This one is a little different than usual due to the changing times in which we all are living in the Spring of 2020. We know that most of our readers are locked down – some with more hobby time available due to economic circumstances; some with with less hobby time due to work commitments still needing to be met and many of us experiencing an increased need to spend more time with our families and those we live with, to keep loved ones going through these times.

But however this lockdown finds you, we hope you’re keeping well, keeping safe and doing what you can to help the medical heroes working in your area to manage the current crisis!

To help you all do this, our Editor has drawn together this Lockdown special edition of Irregular Magazine! This is a compilation of many of our painting and modelling articles that we’ve published over the more-than-a-decade in which Irregular Magazine has been going.

We very much hope this helps you either pass the time, or helps you de-stress just a little, by revisiting some old painting guides and helping to inspire the next things you want to work on in your own hobby projects.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

Published: April 8th, 2020 at 20:46