Issue 9 Volume 2 / Summer 2019

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Welcome once more to our our latest issue of Irregular Magazine; this time it is Issue 9 Volume 2 for Summer 2019!

As well as a review of the recent News, we have a review of the new 4th Edition Flames of War ‘Hit the Beach’, and sticking with the WW2 theme, we also have a review of two of the Tank Craft and Land Craft series of books from Pen and Sword publishing, as well as the well known painter Andy Singleton’s book on painting WW2 figures for desert warfare!

We have a review of ‘Wargames Terrain and Buildings – The Napoleonic Period’, a great book that shows how appropriate period buildings can be created for our Napoleonic battlefields without needing to resort to the ubiquitous MDF packs that are now available!

Alex and Jason looks at Games Workshop’s new range of paints – Contrast Paints, and offer their views on their experiences with them and how they see working with them in the future.

We also have an introduction to our new podcast, which can be found at Go check it out if you’ve not done so!

Our editor continues on his never-ending odyssey as he battles to work through his personal Grey Hoard and what he is looking forward to over the next year.

Jason gives a write-up of an alternative background that can be used for either Mortal Gods or SPQR in the form of Trojan England! That is to say a Trojan colony in Kernow. Want to know more? Turn of page 30 of Issue 9 (Volume 2)!

There is a super interview with Watchful I studios, who specialise in Asian themed armies, both historical and fantasy, looking specifically at their range of miniatures set in the Qin dynasty of China.

Following on from last issue, we have a further detailed look at the 2nd edition of Test of Honour, with a bit more detail about the changes since version one and what you can do with the different cards, paths, traits, quests and scenarios available to use discover the path of your characters in this fantastic game!

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

Published: August 26th, 2019 at 16:08