Issue 25 Volume 2 / Winter 2023

Once again we have yet another fantastic edition of Irregular Magazine, which is one more packed with the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, nostalgia and much, much more!

After our regular editorial andever popular news round-up, we have a lot of winter-themed content this time!

Our steadfast collection of book reviews returns in this issue, with a look at another wide variety of topics across many periods, from the early middle ages, with a look at Anglo Saxon Kings & Warlords, as well the events on the British Isles at the turn of the first millenium; through the Nineteenth Century with a look at the Ottoman Armies of this period and a contract of soldiers on either side of the Texas Revolution in the 1830s; and onto WW2 with a look at Allied Tanks at El Alamein, the Reconquest of Burma, Operation Pedestal – The Battle for Malta’s Lifeline, and a comparison of the Japanese Infantryman with the US Marine Rifleman in the Pacific theatre; and finally for this bumper book review, a look at vehicles in the modern Afghan conflicts.

Sticking fairly close to book reviews, we have a look at the DragonBane role playing game, which is a classic fantasy tabletop game which focusses on a playability with a classic feel.

Other RPGs and skirmish wargames are not left out either, with a whole selection of Winter and Xmas-themed scenarios and games ideas for 40K, Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Frostgrave, Lion Rampant, Gangs of Rome, and a overview of generic winter RPG scenario ideas!

And we don’t stop there for RPGs, especially for your BECMI D&D gamers, with a look at the race of the Deep Gnomes as well as stats for a number of magical weapons!

Finally, there is more content for wargames, with a review of how to build a Chinese Army for Bolt action, a look at Historical Christmas Battles, a look at Naval Winter Battles for Wargaming, a look at the Three Kingdoms Period in Korea and an overview of how the Romans approached winter warface

So it’s time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: January 11th, 2024 at 21:18