Issue 24 Volume 2 / Summer 2023

We’re back again with another awesome edition of Irregular Magazine, which is one more packed with the latest news, game releases, book reviews, RPGs, miniatures, nostalgia and much, much more!

After the editorial, we kick off this issue with our ever popular news round-up, followed by a look at the lates 5E version of the Lord of the Rings roleplaying game.

Our ever-popular book reviews continue in this issue with more than a dozen titles under scrutiny. Ranging from ancient Rome and her enemies, through medieval and american civial war periods and into the 20th century. We’ve loved all of thes ebooks and it is well work catching up on these reviews!

We also look at some keys games available on the market at the moment. Majestic 13, Space Station Zero, World of Tanks and Warhammer 40,000.

Majestic 13 is a fascinating look at tabletop storytelling in a world of exteraterrestial intreague, with an interesting card-based mechanic and a wonderful level of immersion and replayability.

Space Station Zero is a cooperative strategy game with enough depth to engage as players explore, engage and are rewarded as they work together to succeed on their journey into deep space.

World of Tanks is a well known and popular online multiplayer game, which has now made it to the tabletop in miniature form. In this issue we look at the starter set offering of this new expression of World of Tanks, along with how it plays out.

Love it or hate it, there are few players of any kind of game out there who haven’t heard of Games Workshop’s market dominitating game, Warhammer 40,000. Since GW have recently released a new 10th edition of this legendary science-fiction wargame with the Leviathan boxed set, we have a look at this game once more, for those of you out there that are curious about the behemoth of a game, but have always been nervous to approach it.

As well as wargames, we have three hsort items for players of BECMI D&D, which can be easily ported to other games. We have a look at the monster, Shadow Drake; at using Black Power Weapons; and finally we introduce a Samurai player class.

Our editor has also provided us with an interesting potted history of Vikings in Ireland, as well as a review of what the different strategic scales are and how they can be interesting for us.

Finally, our main feature in this issue is “Can AI write a wargame?”. Our editor has looked into this fascinating and topical issue, and just under half this magazine is given over to the output of his experimentation in this area … “Shanghai 2050: Man’s Last Hope!”

So it’s time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: September 3rd, 2023 at 19:39