Masters of Mutanite is now LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

This is an excellent deckbuilding-style mutant-themed fighting game designed and published by Andrew Federspiel at Knapsack Games. I was an early playtester and developer. It’s really, really good. Watch the Dice Tower preview here. 

You play as a mutant acquiring elemental superpowers, and the crazy thing is you combine the powers with these city objects you throw at each other! So you can pick up a car or an ice cream truck and toss it at your opponent and it explodes with fire or frost effects. It plays great with all ages and skill levels. 

Inspired by the Australian koala catastrophe, Bad Koalas pits 1-4 overwhelmed koala wranglers (players) against a horde of misbehaving young marsupials. 

This is my new, quick little card game that works great solo or with a few friends.

Published: January 7th, 2021 at 11:07