Issue 15 Volume 2 / Spring 2021

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Welcome once more to our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 15, Volume 2 for Spring 2021!

We begin with looking a the latest News in our gaming hobby, including news about new Critical Role figures from WizKids so you too can play more in Exandria!

This is followed by an update from our Editor on how he has been doing in his ongoing campaign about his personal grey hoard.

We have a review of the board game Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps! which is a real draw to many of us gamers who are fans of the Alien movies, as well as RPG reviews of the exciting Talisman RPG and the Achtung Cthulhu setting for Call of Cthulhu, as well as a review of the Towns and Taverns book of battle mats.

We look forward to the hotly anticipated Stargrave, the miniatures agnostic sci-fi followup to the very popular Forstgrave from Joe McCullough, and will be published by Osprey in April; and we also look back at Blast from the Past in the form of the old, but hugely popular Games Workshop game, Mordheim.

Many of us are interested in miniatures, so we have a few interesting articles for us all this time – we have an Alien painting tutorial, that sits nicely alongside our boardgame review of Aliens; but we also look at the fantasy range of Celtos miniatures and the sci-fi range of Hammer’s Slammers minutures, both of which are available from Brigade Models. And to complement all of this, our Editor has a look at the Back to Basics of miniature painting, for those of us who need a refresh!

Finally on the miniatures front, we have a good look at a new and often asked question at the moment: Are 3D printed miniatures any good?

Following up on previous issues, we have a look at eSports once again. This time in the form of mobile eSports. Can we now play online games at a high level using the powerful computers that many of us now carry around in our pockets?

We also have and interesting review of the early 20th Century US plan to attack the British Empire, should it have proven to have been necessary. This article definately provides some interesting alternative history options for our 20th Century gaming.

This issue is also packed full of book reviews once more, with no less than fourteen book reviews. Stretching from Ancient times to 20th century warfare, if you’re looking for a recommendation of something new to read, we’ve probably got you covered!

Being something of a fan of the Orient, and being a Sinophile in particular, our Editor brings us another great revierw of asian TV shows to watch online, that we might otherwise have missed out on.

Finally, although we may tease him a little, we have a lot to be grateful to our Editor for, not least the service he gave for his country, which includes his participation in the 1st Gulf War. This was now 30 years ago, and he has a look back at this conflict, including a personal perspective and a couple of period photos of him in situ.

Of course, many of the games we are talking about still need friends to play with, and although the world now has more hope than ever, many of us remain unable to meet up with friends to play games. Please stay safe everyone, until the times come when we can all play together again!

Time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: March 14th, 2021 at 16:56