Digital vs traditional

Here at Irregular, we’re pretty keen on working digitally so we don’t waste paper by printing, but when it comes to reading each issue we know that some of our fans prefer paper to screen.

For the painting event day in Mansfield recently we got a sample copy of Issue 3 / Winter ’10 printed by Lulu, which received a lot of positive attention. It was bound well and looked much like a regular gaming codex that you could buy from most games companies. For around 96, full colour pages the price worked out at approx £15 including postage. This display only copy will tour around with us during the year, so if you see us at a show you can take a look for yourself!

Print-on-demand means that only as many copies as are sold get printed, which reduces waste, and means that there are no stockpiles filling up anyone’s house!

We’re not saying that we’re headed down this route – but we are interested in your opinions!

Don’t fear – we’re not going to stop making the magazine as a download, and if we ever make a printed version, it would be at cost price – the magazine will not take any money for it.

So we’re running a simple poll (for the next month) – would you buy a printed version of Irregular magazine?
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Photos used under Creative Commons license from Lili Vieira de Carvalho on Flickr and erix! on Flickr

Published: February 22nd, 2010 at 19:50