Cover artist revealed

This week we’ve released who our cover artist is for issue 4, and it’s non other than Giovanni Castro – otherwise known as Nigio from Barcelona. If you’re not familiar with his work, check out his blog to see how much character is crammed into his pieces. We’re very excited to be working with him.

Don’t forget that issue 4 has a bit of a swashbuckling theme, and we’ve got lots of great articles and tutorials lined up for you – but if you’d like to contribute there’s still time. Submissions need to be in by Feb 28th at the latest to be considered for our next issue, due out on April 3rd.

Other news
We had a great time at the painting event in Mansfield on Saturday 6th of Feb. Editors, Nick and Jason got to meet lots of readers and got some really positive feedback about the magazine. We’re really glad you’re all enjoying it.

There were some fantastic miniatures on display from members of Platoon Britannica, The Basement and Sheffield Irregulars, including 2009 Slayer Sword winner Ben Jarvis and his Clockmaker model (check out the photos in issue 2!), along with lots of other prize winning miniatures.

Don’t forget to enter the our Night of the Living Dead competition this month, for a chance to win some awesome prizes from Mantic Games. We’re printing the best entries in the next issue – as picked by judge Nigel Carman. What are you waiting for? Get painting!

Photography courtesy of Foxxyz on Flickr

Published: February 7th, 2010 at 20:42