Issue 22 Volume 2 / Winter 2022

It is that time again, when we are excited to reach out our warm greetings to readers old and new in the currrently cold, cold weather – at least here in the UK!

Once more we are delighted to present a further full magazine containing the latest news, game releases, book reviews, gaming content, miniatures and much, much more!

As with many of our issues, after our look at the latest news, our beloved editor starts with a look at his own sysiphean battle against his own grey hoard, and the great progress that has been made!

Historical Gaming is a common subject of the content in our magazine, and a lot of people are unsure how and where to get started. For those that are looking to start taking up historical wargaming, or those thinking to try a new period, we have an excellent review of some of the more popular options, how they compare, and what kind of starter sets might be available!

Our ever-popular book reviews are also back once more in this issue, and starting with the historical titles, we have a particular focus on WW2, looking across a number of different fronts, from the Japanese Conquest of Burma, to the Battle of Stalingrad. We look at books reviewing the equipment used in WW2, with both the arms and armour used by the forces of Hungary and at the tanks that were put to use in the Battle for Germany; and finally at the operations of some notable units with actions of the US Ranges at Pointe-du-hoc on D-Day and also at the allied Z Special Unit, who operated in the Pacific theatre in the latter half of WW2!

Moving away from historical wargaming, we also have a look at some of the other ways of wargaming available to our readers. We have a review of Wargames Atlantic’s new release – Cannon Fodder 2 box set of generic warriors; and on the rules front, our editor takes a look at the available rules from One Page Rules, which are not only free, but easy to pick up and increasingly popular amongst gamers! We look at John Lambshead excellent new title Sci-Fi Skirmish Scenarios, which not only brings us some generic scenarios to bring into our games, but offers guidance on designing our own scenarios and linking them into campaigns. Finally for wargaming rules, we look at Song of Shadows and Dust, which is a skirmish wargame set in the first century BC, based on the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes rules engine – very well worth a look!

Finally for books, we also have a review of Ruins of the Lost Realms , which is the first expansion for the second edition of The One Ring RPG, and is packed with loads of fantastic material for players of this excellent RPG.

But we’re not always all about sitting around a tabletop, and there is a review in this issue of some of the latest tech-enhanced physical games that you can pick up and play with friends and family!

And last, but not Zines, Zines and more Zines is a review of those free webzines that you can access and download. At Irregular Magazine we see these publications as friends and colleagues, whether we know the publishers or not, and we’d love our readers to pick up and enjoy some of these titles, at least as much as we’d love Irregular Magazine itself!

So, this is once more, another content-packed issue!

So it’s time to get reading – go on, download a copy now!

Published: December 18th, 2022 at 14:19