Issue 7 Volume 2 / Winter 2018

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Welcome back, one and all, for our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 7 Volume 2 for Autumn 2018!

As the days begin to get shorter in the northern hemisphere, and we’re forced to spend more time indoors, we take a look at some of what will be keeping us excited in the hobby over the next few months, until that daylight comes back again.

We take a look at two of the newer offerings from the giant in our hobby. Games Workshop has been bringing us many new things recently, an we take a look at work to them: Adeptus Titanicus, the return of the small-scale giants of the battlefield to our hobby tabletops; and we also have a look into Games Workshop’s return to Middle Earth with their latest release on their now renamed Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game.

As well as bringing us the latest news, including news on new boardgames that have been release, a painting competitions from Mantic Games and GCT Studios, and more – our beloved editor also updates us on his progress in fighting his own grey hoard, a perpetual battle that we all endure!

Finally, in a nod to past issues, we’ve revisited an article brought to us by David Heathfield looking at Zenithal Highlighting and painting clothing, perfect for those of you who painting miniatures is part of your hobby!

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

Published: November 4th, 2018 at 15:30