Issue 4 Volume 2 / Summer 2017

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Welcome once more lovely readers! Once again we’re beyond excited to be able to present to you a brand new issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 4 of Volume 2 for Summer 2017!

And, once again, we have a great set of interesting articles for your to consume at your leisure!

We have a further look at the Pathfinder RPG, which we started in the last issue, with a look at the Adventurers Guide supplement for this classic RPG.

We also have a number of great interviews in this issue. The first is with a games manufacturer located in Shanghai Longpack Games; who share with us some of the trials and tribulations of how they go about physically creating the games designed by other companies.

Also, we talk with the new UK games company Raku Games, about their first offering, Krill, and about the whole process of designing a game.

A further very interesting interview around games design is with James M Hewitt, a games designer of renown, who has worked at both Mantic Games and Games Workshop and now is going solo with his own company!

And finally for the interviews, we talked with Model Box, the e-commerce company providing a curated box of items suitable for the miniature hobbiest!

Continuing our Blast from the Past series, Alex takes a look at the Mk I Land Raider, that was available from Games Workshop in 1988. If you’ve been playing Warhammer 40,000 long enough (like our Webmaster has!) then you might have owned one of these classic, mighty battletanks!

Fresh from Gencon 2017, we have a look at the first ever chibi-style painting competition, The Golden Kobold, that was hosted by Ninja Division Publishing.

There are also a look at a number of games, both new and old in this issue.

We have a look at a new phenomena in co-operative gaming, Exit Games, specifically we review The Pharaoh’s Tomb which we were lucky enough to get our hands on!

There is a quick look at Brutal Kingdom, the quick-play game to gain the most power, in this offering from Thames & Cosmos.

We also have a review of Open Combat, a miniature skirmish game from our friends at Second Thunder. If you like miniature skirmish games and you’ve not seen Open Combat before, you really should check it out!

The upcoming re-release of Necromunda, from Games Workshop’s Specialist Games division has caught the attention of many gamers, so we have a look back at what we remember from the last time we played this excellent game and advance of the new edition!

And finally for the games reviews our editor has had a look at Cold War Commander, the miniature wargame of modern warfare, and he gives us his thoughts and review.

However, that’s not it from our editor, Jason! He’s recently moved house, so he has documented the effort he put into making his own hobby space, which he calls his Man Cave! You should be warned, though, there is a picture of him in this article! 😉

We also have write-ups of our attendance at the UK Games Expo from earlier this year, held at the NEC in the UK, as well as a visit to Warhammer World – a favourite of many a miniature wargamer and we look at what such a visit has to offer!

Finally, our Jason has written a most interesting article on the first hot action of the Cold War – the Civil War in China. If you don’t know much about the history of this conflict, Jason’s article is an excellent place to start! So …

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

Published: September 25th, 2017 at 20:48