Issue 2 Volume 2 / Summer 2016

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Continuing with our theme of Irregular, its been a little while, but we’re overjoyed to present Issue 2 of Volume 2 of Irregular Magazine for Summer/Autumn 2016. We think its a great issue!

In this issue, we have a great number of articles!

We look at a number of events that have been happened this year, from the mighty shows which are Salute and the UK Games Expo, both of which we highly recommend if you’ve never been; to a Bolt Action tournament that your humble webmaster helped to organise. We also have a write up of Alex’s first visit to Warhammer World since it was refurbished

There are a reviews of a module for the long standing game D&D 5th, Princes of the Apocalypse and a look at a new rules set on its path to creation, The Shattered Crown. We have reviews of Games Workshop’s Imperial Space Marine Anniversary Figure, Lynn Stahl’s AFV Acrylic Techniques DVD and our look at the excellent Figopedia book penned by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul.

There is a superb interview with Grublin Games, makers of the critically acclaimed board game Waggle Dance where we also talk about their new game Cornish Smuggler (the fact our editor is also Cornish is pure co-incidence!)

We have two hobby tutorial, one on making your own gore for decorating your ickiest figures and a second how to build planets and moons as scenery for your space-based wargaming.

Finally we also have a fast-paced short story again from our good friend Taylor Holloway and our editor has a new passion in the form of 1/72 Napoleonics that he talks about as well as a continuation of his Gaming on the Cheap series.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!

Published: August 22nd, 2016 at 20:48