Review minis for sale

A set of three miniatures reviewed in issue 3 are currently being auctioned to raise money for charity.

In the community news, we mentioned Little Angels – the competition run by WaMP aiming to raise £1000 for Tommy’s (a charity working to prevent stillbirth and miscarriage).

These three rioters/zombie hunters from Offensive Miniatures were painted and reviewed by Rebecca Hubbard (aka Boris) on page 88 of issue 3.

The set includes a street youth armed with a bloody spade, a pipe wielding man and a mean looking dog, and they are all based on 25mm gaming bases. The youths black hoodie features the Irregular Magazine logo on the reverse.

Little Angels is running till Feb 14th, so there is still time to join in and auction off a mini yourself. If you prefer, check out the listings from WaMP members on the forum, and place a bid yourself.

The auction for the rioters runs on eBay from 24th – 31st January. You can visit the auction by clicking here.

Update: Thanks for all the interest, this set raised £19.99 for Tommy’s charity – great stuff!

Published: January 24th, 2010 at 15:18