Issue 3 / Winter '10

This issue is jam packed with undead related content, as well as a campaign supplement for recreating your own zombie apocalyse. Taylor Holloway has worked really hard to bring you background material that can be used for both RPG and tabletop wargames.

Cover artist Ricardo has combined the undead theme with the wintry release date to create an atmospheric cover, evoking violence and the slow passage of time.

We’ve got not one, by two great interviews this issue – with legendary painter, Victoria Lamb and top sculptor Bob Naismith.

There are some new sections this time around, with our first CCG article by Magic Steve on the dark side of Magic: The Gathering in Dawn of the Decks. Our other new sections are News and Reviews – with minis from Hasslefree and Offensive under the microscope.

We also have the first instalment of a brand new comic, but artist Will Kirby – Tuk Tuk. Set in a familiar universe, find out how the adventure starts on page 29.

The competition this issue has fantastic prizes up for grabs from Mantic Games, get all details on how to enter on pages 5& 6, as well as on the competition page of this site.

Winner of a silver at Games Day UK in Sept 09, Nigel Carman takes us through step by step how the Duelling Giants were made – and it’s not as simple as it looks.

On top of that we have some excellent painting tutorials, a guide to building your own urban bases and details on how to start moulding and casting your own minis.

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now.

It’s a large file, 23 MB, so your download make take a few minutes.

Published: January 7th, 2010 at 21:34