Coming soon

The submission date for issue 5 content is May 30th – the same deadline as our art competition, which means the Irregular Mag team has the sunny month of June to sit indoors and proof and layout the summer issue ready for July 3rd.

As it’s our 1st anniversary issue (yes Irregular will be one year old!) we’ve been putting together something extra special for you, here are just three articles you’ll find in our Skirmish special.

  • Medieval combat rules supplement
  • Warhammer Ancient Battles campaign
  • Interview with a world famous painter

Don’t worry if historical is not your bag – as always we cover sci-fi, fantasy and historical for RPG and wargames. We’ll be announcing more content over the coming month – and if you want to be really update make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter.

Photo credit: Coming Soon by Daquella manera on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license

Published: May 22nd, 2010 at 15:35